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For example, a short sun line starting from its own mount means that success will come very late in life, and the one starting from the line of heart shows that success will again come later in life, but not as late as in the case just described. People who have the sun line will more easily achieve recognition, reward, riches and honors. They also will have a happier disposition than most people. He is very faithful and keeps his promises. There is a desire in him to rule and to influence the masses wherever he is.

He is thoughtful about the future and possesses good judgment.

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He is majestic and stately and works hard to acquire honor and wealth. He is above any under-hand tactics, and despises such traits in others. When he speaks he is often serious and uses few words. His speech is confident and masterful. He is thoughtful, trustworthy and uses speech for some definite purpose rather than for some shallow talk or gossip.

He has a generous heart and is compassionate. He is magnificent and honorable, and no immoral thoughts enter his mind.

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He is honest and sincere, and holds good and noble thoughts in his mind. He is very intelligent and has a great taste in arts. He is idealistic and may lack practicality, but through luck he becomes as successful as those who are more practical. Because of the favorable influence of the Sun, anything he undertakes usually becomes successful.

He is lucky in gambling activities and if he listens to his intuitions he can prosper solely through them. He is naturally a charming individual so usually by the public demand he gets a high position in life. Therefore, people who love him sometimes are heart-broken due to this inconstancy. He is not shrewd in business and may be taken advantage of through flattery, as he likes to listen to compliments and then his guard goes down.

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This consideration is based on their relationship to the Sun. The writer of said book is not even a qualified astrologer but he distributes these books in various languages freely. The birth chart can help us to understand what motivates us to react the way we do, the abilities that we can emphasize to achieve our goals, as well as to obtain guidelines about the way to solve the tensions we feel and we do not know how to face appropriately. This alignment is known as a conjunction. He is majestic and stately and works hard to acquire honor and wealth. It is the sovereign according to Hindu astrological writings — which means that it represents people in power, such as kings or political leaders.

If he realizes these week points and corrects them, his future will be excellent. When the Sun is ill-dignified in a natal chart, it makes the solar person arrogant and proud, he despises people and is satisfied with himself for no reason. It makes him bad in making judgment, rebellious, troublesome, a show-off, domineering, a spendthrift and foolish; his words hold no power, his actions do not spring from much thought.

He wastes inheritance and is likely to become dependent on the charity of others and use them for money; yet he will think himself doing them a favor with his mere presence in their lives. The body of a solar person is usually strong, well-formed and he has a large frame.


He is of a medium stature. His complexion is yellow or saffron. The forehead is round and large. His hair is usually fair and the chin is round and firm.

Teeth are regular and may be of a yellow tint. Big, bulging eyes are very common; they can be sharp and piercing. The body is not necessarily beautiful but it looks full of health. Solar men are likely to become bold quite fast but their beards usually remain thick. Solar women may also experience some hair loss with age.

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Ruddy complexion is usual. The body leans towards chubbiness rather than leanness.

In horary astrology the Sun signifies celebrities, judges, city governors, bosses, presidents and other high-rank people. It could signify honorable and respected people, or the ones that are most esteemed by the community. It could also signify people working with gold, those who work with money or who aspire to be famous. Diseases that are caused by the Sun are the following: pimples, heart trembling or palpitation or any other heart problem, also sometimes some brain dysfunctions may be caused by this luminary or by Mars.

Muscle cramps, fainting, mouth diseases, shortness of breath may be caused by this luminary also. Plants that are ruled by the Sun, according to William Lilly, smell nice and are of good flavor and the flowers are yellow or reddish. The plants are of a beautiful shape.

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Such plants love to grow in places that receive plenty of sunshine. Consumption of them principally strengthens the heart, revitalizes the body, improves eyesight and resists poison, witchcraft and malignant planetary influences. It rules the numbers one and four. It is told to rule the fourth month of pregnancy.

The friends of the Sun are all the planets except Saturn. The smaller planets follow suit: Mercury enters the sign, Venus, then Mars does too. These planets stick around in that sign for a few weeks. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, take longer journeys in their signs. And the Moon? And their opposite sign gets a Full Moon. Confused yet? For astrology purposes, the technical definition of a stellium is a collection of 3 or more planets in one zodiac sign or astrological house.

We also refer to the Sun and Moon as planets in astrology. For me, they are. For him? Not so much.

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In astrology, the Sun and Moon ARE planets, but you can also call them luminaries or luminary bodies. But they do count as one planet in a sign or house when we are talking stelliums. So right now, for example, we are experiencing a stellium in Virgo. The next question to answer is, is there a difference between a stellium in the natal chart or birth chart, and a stellium in our everyday lives?

The simple answer is no. When it comes to the definition of a stellium, the definition is the same whether the stellium is in our natal chart or our everyday lives. A stellium is simply a collection of planets typically 3 or more, depending on which Astrologer you ask!


Stelliums are significant because when multiple planets are in one sign, whether that is in your birth chart or in your Daily Horoscopes , it means the same thing. It means that the power of that zodiac sign is amplified even more than usual on any given day. For example, we have a stellium in Virgo right now.

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A lot of people have what is infamously known as Virgo anxiety. This theme of Virgo is amplified when we have a stellium in Virgo. Happy Birthday, Virgo! And thanks for sharing your pacing and worrying with the rest of the Universe. But Virgo has many other wonderful themes. Virgo is flawlessly detailed, organized, practical, and as real as they come. They are also very logical.